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Advanced Physical Exam (APE) Master Grader

Advanced Physical Exam (APE) Master Grader

Started Dec 9, 2020


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Student clinical evaluation is an important role for nurse educators. As nurse educators, our duty is to prepare safe and competent practitioners. It is essential to be consistently objective, fair and equitable in regard to student assessment.

From the article: Consistency in grading clinical skills (Dunbar, 2018):

When multiple faculty members are used to assess clinical skills, it has been recognized that maintaining consistency across assessors is challenging (Donaldson and Gray, 2012). However, ensuring interrater reliability when more than one individual is collecting evaluation data is imperative (Bourke and Ihrke, 2012; Oermann et al., 2016; O'Leary, 2015). Consistency among multiple evaluators may be measured by percent agreement (Clark, 2015; McHugh, 2012; Ryan-Wenger, 2010) or the establishment of interrater reliability (McHugh, 2012; Waltz et al., 2010).


FNU's Advanced Physical Exam (APE) Master Grader course is an online validation process that gives you the opportunity to evaluate a sample student using their prerecorded video and the new competency based rubric. Your findings will be  compared with other master raters.

APE's purpose is to support the teachings of FNU's Advanced Physical Assessment course by having all graders make accurate and consistent grading decisions of students during their checkoff.


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